Nurturing Strength with Pregnancy-Friendly Workouts

Nurturing Strength with Pregnancy-Friendly Workouts

At Move With Us, we understand the importance of the life-changing journey that is motherhood and strive to empower you at every stage.

We've heard your feedback and are excited to announce that all exercises within a number of our Move With Us Programs now include indicators for pre and postnatal suitability!*

We’ve partnered with Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Sarah Percy (@femalephysioco) to remove any guesswork or worries about whether an exercise is right for you.

Each exercise will have a clear pregnancy-friendly icon so you know exactly what you can do. If there's an exercise that isn't pregnancy-friendly, there’ll be an option to swap it for a pregnancy-friendly exercise so you can train confidently during this important time in your life.

You can find these indicators within our Get Started, Busy Girl Workouts, Fit, and Strong Programs. So if you are pre or post-natal please go to the settings section within the MWU App to activate this option.

Lastly, your health and safety are our top priority! And therefore we highly recommend that if you are currently pregnant or early postpartum, please speak with your local health physician, before joining our Programs or starting any exercise routine, to ensure it's safe for you to do so.

Now let’s look at each Program to help find the right fit for you!

Get Started

Join Emma Dillon, a dedicated mother and expert Coach, as she guides you through 6 weeks of 30-45 minute workouts that are suitable for all fitness levels and can be completed from home or in the gym. 

Our Get Started Program is for those who:

✓ Are beginning their fitness journey and don't know where to start.
✓ Are ready to make a comeback, but lack the motivation to do it alone.
✓ Are looking for pre or postnatal exercises and exercise swaps.
✓ Enjoy easy to follow 30-45 minute workouts.
✓ Are looking to gain confidence inside and outside of the gym.
✓ Are ready to learn the fundamentals of training and nutrition, and build sustainable habits.
✓ Are new to MWU and are looking for an affordable way to move.

Find out more here.

Fit Program

Join Coach Rachel Dillon for our FIT Program as we combine high-intensity workouts with proven meal guides to help you achieve real, visible results in a matter of weeks.

Our FIT Program is for those who:

✓ Are looking to achieve results in just 4 weeks.
✓ Struggle to commit to longer Programs and enjoy 40-60 minute workouts.
✓ Enjoy circuit style, high intensity workouts.
✓ Prefer a variety of training styles to keep yourself motivated.

Find out more here.

Busy Girl Workouts

Our Busy Girl Workouts Program is here to help you get results without spending hours in the gym or the kitchen with convenient workouts and meals that suit your busy lifestyle.

Busy Girl Workouts is for those who:

✓ Struggle to complete your workouts in busy gyms.
✓ Don't have hours to train and are looking for effective 30-45 minute workouts.
✓ Have a busy schedule but can commit to training 3-5 days per week.

✓ Prefer minimal equipment workouts.

Find out more here. 

Strong Program

Train like 3x Bikini World Champion, Rachel Dillon, in our Strong Program to build muscle and become your strongest self.

Our STRONG Program is for those who:

✓ Are looking to closely follow the programming that enabled Rachel Dillon to achieve her physique-based goals and be crowned 3 x Bikini World Champion.
✓ Want to achieve a full body transformation with a focus on building and sculpting your lower body.

✓ Are looking to commit to a longer Program and enjoy 45-70 minute workouts.

Find out more here.

With our tailored exercise options and Sarah's expertise, we’re here with you through the next phase of your journey to help you feel confident and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Although this feature is currently only available with some Programs, we are working with Sarah to bring this option across to more of our Programs. In the meantime, if you have any questions about this App feature or any of our Programs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at 📧

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