Introducing Emma's Latest Program

Introducing Emma's Latest Program


Introducing Coach Emma's Define Program, created to empower women to unlock their potential and define what they’re truly capable of. You'll be pushed beyond your limits to reach your goals and define the best version of yourself.

The Define Program combines the best of Resistance training, Pilates-inspired movements, and Running to provide you a full body transformation with a focus on growing your glutes.

Define is all about stepping out of your comfort zone to challenge both your body and mind. It's not just about physical transformation; it's about unlocking the mental strength you never knew you had.

So, who is this program for?

It is perfect for you if you:

  • Are looking to Define your Best Self through training and nutrition.
  • Are looking to achieve your Fat Loss Goals.
  • Want to Increase your Lower Body Strength through resistance training.
  • Enjoy 30-60 Minute home or gym workouts.
  • Are looking for Strength Training sessions that incorporate Pilates-inspired Movements, targeting your smaller muscles.
  • Are looking to introduce Running into your training.

Here is everything you can achieve:

By completing this 6 week training program, you can expect to see 

  • Full Body Transformation
  • Improve your Running Endurance
  • Increase Lower Body Strength
  • Grow your Glutes
  • Achieve your Fat Loss Goals

What Training to Expect with the Define Program:

Within the Define Program you will notice that each training block is made up of the below components, with each day focusing on a different component:

  • Glute Growth
  • Lower Body Strengthening
  • Upper Body Strengthening
  • Glute, Quad & Hamstring, Upper Body & Core Sculpting Circuits
  • Cardio Run Challenges (Time, Pace and Distance Challenges)

As you progress through the training blocks, the difficulty level of each session will also progress.

From a performance perspective, you can expect to see an increase in the amount of weight you’re lifting for your strength sessions; as well as an improvement in your endurance with the running sessions. You will become noticeably stronger and fitter!

Throughout the weeks, you'll experience varying intensities in your workouts. Some days will push you to your limits, while others will provide a more manageable challenge. This deliberate variation extends to workout durations as well, with some sessions being longer and others shorter. Embrace the diversity of intensity levels, as each serves a purpose in your overall progress.

We recommend you make the most of the more physically demanding workouts, such as heavier glute days and longer runs, to push your boundaries and achieve your goals. However, don't underestimate the importance of the less intense sessions — they are crucial.

You can expect to see exercise swaps which will allow you to adjust the intensity of each workout as needed. Whether it's scaling back or ramping it up, you'll have the flexibility to tailor your workouts according to your preferences and goals.

Here is a Sneak Peak of the Training Split 👀

With the Define Program you have the option to choose between a 4, 5 or 6 day training split. Within the MWU app you will have the ability to change which days to complete your workout on or stay with the pre-filled days.

Platinum Members - Here's how to gain access in the App:

You'll be able to access the Define Program via the Program Switcher in your MWU App when App access is live on July 8th.
  1. Simply click on your Profile pic to open up your App menu
  2. Select your current Program
  3. Click on the ‘Programs’ tab to view all current available Programs
  4. Select the Define Program
  5. Choose your preferred start date
  6. Complete your onboarding questionnaire

Want to Know More?

When can I join the Define Program?

Sign-ups go live for the Define Program on the 8th of July with intakes beginning every Monday. Buy the Define Program now for $79.99 and gain 12 weeks access to the app or become a Platinum Member for as little as $24.99/month to receive access to the Define Program, and our other 10+ Programs and Challenges throughout the year.  

What training experience is required?

The Define Program is best suited for intermediate trainers with 6 months of experience in the gym. 

Does this program include Home and Gym workouts?

Yes! You can switch between home and gym workouts by toggling between the dumbbell and home icon at the top of your screen in the workouts tab.

What equipment do I need?

A standard gym should provide all equipment required to complete gym workouts. Otherwise, if you're completing Define from home, you'll need:

  • A Yoga Mat
  • Set of Dumbbells
  • Booty Band
  • Pilates Ball
  • A Skipping Rope
  • A Set of Ankle Weights
  • Exercise Ball
  • Resistance or Power Bands


Got More Questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 📧 to talk to our friendly Team today.

Our MWU Team is always here to help keep you accountable, and provide you with all the support and guidance that you need to succeed ❤️


Join Platinum Membership today and gain access to the Define Program on July 8th. Choose between a budget friendly, Monthly billing option of $24.99AUD a month or a simple Annual billing cycle of $249.99AUD billed every 12 months.