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Bikini Build Program Level 3

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Welcome to BIKINI BUILD, an effective 8 week Program designed to elevate your training and help you build muscle, strength, and confidence in the gym. Bikini Build has empowered thousands of women to transform both their minds and bodies, hit their PBs, and discover newfound confidence.

Now it's back and here to stay as a Program available to join year-round. Coach Rachel Dillon has teamed up with industry experts to bring you a combination of workouts that provide an emphasis on progressive overload - making it a perfect fit if you enjoy lifting! With 4 levels to choose from, Bikini Build is here to progress alongside you.

Bikini Build is for you if:
✓ You are looking to build muscle and shape your physique.
✓ You want to focus on progressive overload and hit new PB's.
✓ You enjoy challenging yourself with 40-70 minute weighted workouts.
✓ You want to push your limits and learn new training techniques.
✓ You want to build strength without neglecting mobility.
✓ You enjoy our Strong Program or Sculpt Challenge and are looking to elevate your training.

Paired with our proven approach to nutrition, you'll receive access to customisable Meal Guides tailored to your calorie and macro targets. You'll also receive access to a library of 1200+ macro-friendly recipes to help you learn how to nourish your body, fuel your workouts, and achieve the best results possible. Prepare to build your strength, knowledge, and confidence with Bikini Build. 


Level 3
Weeks 1 & 2: The primary focus of these two weeks is on building strength. However, before delving into the strength-building aspect, it's important to have an effective warm up. You will experience both a mobility warm-up to activate your muscles and dedicated warm-up sets specifically tailored for your initial compound lift. Within these two weeks, we adopt a 2-second pause technique to emphasize tempo. Tempo is the speed of movement, and with these 2-second pauses, you'll momentarily pause at the contracted phase of each movement to enhance the muscle engagement. Our most popular intensity techniques will be introduced: the drop set and pyramid set. A drop set involves completing sets and reps while decreasing the weight with each set. On the other hand, a pyramid set requires increasing the weight with each set. Pyramid sets will not only feature in weighted sessions but also in your HIIT Cardio days, including 30/60/90/90/60/30-second intervals. Because of the big focus on strength and muscle building, we've incorporated full day dedicated mobility sessions to aid in recovery. Through completing these sessions, you can expect to relieve muscle and joint restrictions allowing the body to move better, reduce the risk of injury and improve your overall performance during workouts.

Weeks 3 & 4: In these two weeks, we introduce the highly effective 3 x 3 method. This approach includes a 3-second pause at three different positions during the eccentric phase of each rep. For instance, during a back squat, you'll pause three times for three seconds on the descent. This method will be appear in four workouts throughout these 2 week.

Weeks 5 & 6: Having built confidence with the 3 x 3 method, we'll go back to pyramid and drop sets to continue progressive overload in each session. Expect an increase in working time in our HIIT Cardio sessions, now offering 120 seconds on and 60 seconds of rest. Our Full Body Mobility Sessions persist to optimise recovery during these weeks.

Weeks 7 & 8: The rest-pause method is introduced in Weeks 7 & 8. This technique calls for a 3 to 5-second pause between every rep, allowing for six reps per set. The final three reps of each set should feel like a challenging 3-rep maximum lift. By this point in the program, you should be fully confident in maximising lifts with heavy loads. Additionally, a 1 1/4 method is introduced, involving completing one full repetition followed by an additional 1/4 repetition for each exercise.

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