Our First Step in a New Direction

Our First Step in a New Direction

A note from our founder, Rachel Dillon.

Where It All Started

The truth is, I started my fitness journey to change the way that I looked. I have experienced the ‘happiness’ that came with creating my ‘dream shape’, and the ‘sadness’ that came with struggling to achieve this shape.

I have been fortunate enough to be crowned the ‘Bikini World Champion’ and have my physique celebrated at the highest level.

I have built my dream business, allowing me to share my methods and enable hundreds of thousands of females from around the world to change the way they look also.

I have been amazed by what my body has enabled me to achieve. When I reflect on these life-changing experiences, I realise that I am more than my appearance. That
we are more than just the way we look. 

While I started my fitness journey to change the way I looked, I continued because of the way I felt. I created a positive lifestyle. I became stronger, mentally and physically. I learned discipline. I grew in confidence.

This journey has shaped the person I always wanted to be. A better friend, a better person. Someone who truly believes in themselves. 

This is the true transformative power of fitness, and this is what I want to share with the world. 

Why We Are Changing Direction

Move With Us is evolving. We are stepping into a new direction, and embracing health and fitness for what we truly believe it to be - a continuous journey of empowerment, self-improvement, and discovery.

This is a defining moment for me, and one that has been a huge decision for the entire Team and I. I’m so proud that we’ve had the courage to challenge ourselves and grow into the company that we want to be - for you. 

Our first step in this new direction is a refresh of how we talk, look, and ultimately feel. You will notice updates to the names of our programs, the colours we use, and the language shared across our social platforms, website, and App.

It’s time for us to pioneer a more inclusive future.

Our New Program Names

I want to confirm that our programs themselves are NOT changing!

As of this Monday, our existing program names will be updated to align with our new direction, and belief in a more inclusive approach to health and fitness.

Our language is stepping away from physicality and ideals, and into the
feelings associated with each program.

FIT (currently Shred, Tighten & Tone)

This program is so much more than changing your body composition. Our 4 Week FIT Program empowers you to take control of your fitness journey and build sustainable training and nutrition habits in just 4 weeks.

By completing this program, you will increase your daily energy levels, enhance your muscular endurance, gain confidence, learn improved nutritional habits aligned with your personal goals, and so much more.

You will
feel FIT, and enjoy all the benefits associated with this feeling. 

STRONG (currently Train Like Me)

When I thought about renaming my TLM Program, I really wanted to understand how I could best describe what this 8 week experience will truly help you achieve - and the answer is strength.

When I reflect on my own journey, I am most proud of the strength that I have developed in all aspects of my life. I have become strong enough to love and accept myself, strong enough to show just what my body is capable of achieving, strong enough to overcome the obstacles that life throws my way, and strong enough to achieve my goals.

This program will improve your overall physical strength, teach you discipline, educate you on how to build a lifestyle that you love and achieve transformation in all areas of your life.

This is STRONG, and I am so excited for you to experience it.

What Else Is Changing

In short, a lot! My entire Team is constantly working on how we can evolve all areas of our business to embrace this direction, and ultimately add more value to your journey.

We are evolving our language. The words we speak to ourselves matter, the words we speak to others matter, and the words we speak to YOU matter.

We are embracing positive, inclusive and powerful messaging to align with our direction. This means stepping away from terms like ‘Bikini’ and ‘Queen’ and into more inclusive language that celebrates the values that we believe in.

This language will be shared across all of our platforms, as well as our future challenges. 

We are also evolving our branding. Say hello to new colours, new fonts, new images and a brand new style. I LOVE this new aesthetic, and feel it truly represents the direction we are moving in. 

We have a lot of exciting new updates on the horizon, and as always, will be sharing them all with you very soon.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Your support means more to me than words could ever express.

Rach x