Top Fitness Mistakes Beginners Make

Top Fitness Mistakes Beginners Make

Starting your health and fitness journey is equal parts exciting and overwhelming!

Exciting - because you’re about to discover all the amazing benefits that come with implementing a productive routine that promotes health and wellness. 

Overwhelming - because, well...where do you start? There is so much conflicting information available and it’s easy to lose your way before you even get close to forming lasting habits. 

Of course, every journey is unique, and not everyone falls into the exact same little traps along the way - but we find the following 5 mistakes some of the most common!

#1 Overwhelming yourself

We know you’re very eager to get started, but jumping head over heels into a completely new routine can sometimes backfire!

Be strategic and avoid overwhelming yourself from the get go! It’s fine to set ambitious goals, however, it’s also not fair to beat yourself up for small hiccups along the way.

For example, if you’ve never exercised before, the chances that you will be able to sustain 6 workouts a week straight away are pretty small! Even if you set time aside and eliminate all distractions, you will likely be too sore to workout almost every day, as it will take a bit more time for your body to adjust. This is COMPLETELY normal!

Instead of overwhelming yourself, we recommend to do 3 simple things every single day:

  1. Wake up 
  2. Assess how you’re feeling and what you have planned for the day
  3. Do your absolute best in your given circumstances!

Little by little, a little becomes a lot - we promise you that consistent daily efforts will add up!

    #2 Not having a plan

    Failing to plan is planning to fail!

    Not having a clear road map to achieving your goals is one of the biggest progress killers. It’s OK to adjust it along the way - but having no plan at all is like driving somewhere new without a map: the chances of getting there efficiently are pretty slim. 

    Instead set little goals and tick them off as you go! This will allow you to reevaluate your goals regularly while feeling a sense of accomplishment.

    #3 Falling for quick fixes

    From fad diets to gimmicky fitness products (hi and bye, waist trainers), the internet is full of quick fixes that can be really tempting to try.

    We know everyone wants to achieve results fast but please remember: if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. Nothing beats hard work and dedication, which also happens to be the only sustainable way to achieve lasting results!

    #4 Relying on supplements

    Fitness supplements make a lot of claims, and as a beginner, it’s easy to feel like you MUST build a solid supplement stash to succeed.

    When starting out, it’s so much more important to put emphasis on quality nutrition and effective training protocols! Most fitness supplements contain ingredients that are easy to get elsewhere - for example, fat burners and pre-workouts are basically full of caffeine. Having a coffee will likely give you the same energy and save you some money in the long run!

    #5 Forgetting to enjoy the process

    While reaching your goals will undoubtedly require a certain amount of discipline and dedication, you simply won’t be able to keep going unless you find enjoyment in your routine!

    ”Enjoying” exercise and nutrition will look different for everyone - so find what works for YOU!

    Maybe it’s taking a dance class instead of that cardio session or perhaps, it’s enjoying new recipes with different ingredients often. Get creative - your journey is supposed to be a positive experience, and there are so many ways to fall in love with nourishing your body and moving it in ways that feel great!

    We hope this blog has helped you troubleshoot some common issues faced by beginners! Remember: no matter the setbacks, you can achieve anything you set your mind.

    And if you're looking to kickstart your fitness journey, we're here to help and guide you every step of the way. Join the MWU community to get started or chat with our team today!