Happy Holidays! With Christmas fast approaching, what better way to stay accountable than a 10 Workout Challenge!

I’ve had so many questions about how to survive the silly season, and I wanted to try something new this year. This eBook contains my top tips and tricks to stay on track this holidays, as well as 10 brand new workouts for you to try. I’ve included a calendar for you to track your progress, with the aim being for us all to stay active and see how many workouts we can complete before the year ends! Plus, this is all FREE!

This eBook includes:

  • 10 brand new workouts
  • Calendar to track your progress
  • My top tips for surviving the holidays

Simply enter your details below, and your eBook will be emailed directly to you! I'll be doing these workouts with you and using this as my guide to staying active this Christmas. Let's do this!