Rachel's 8 Week Program - Beginner
"This Challenge/Program has given me the motivation I never had before. 
Before I started, I went to Europe and ate nothing but carbs and drank nearly every day; before that, You’d find me training maybe 1-3 times a month! eating maybe 2 meals a day and suffering from a lack of self-worth and confidence. But now, after Rachel’s 8-week Program, I have the best relationship with food, I train 5-6 days a week at my full capacity and I genuinely enjoy it and look forward to it! Not only have I gained muscle, but my posture has straightened and I’ve strengthened my hips. I used to be scared to go to the gym and train, now I can’t wait to get in there! I loved the program so much I’ve bought the 4-week STT to follow up once I’m done! I’m ready to keep progressing! Thank you so much Rachel and the Team, you’ve truly turned my whole life around. My friends and family can't believe the healthy, fit person I’ve become!"