Sarah has achieved these results using our 6 Week Build a Booty Challenge!

Sarah's testimonial:

"First of all I want to say thank you to you girls. This will be my 4th Programme and I’ve loved every minute of it. My confidence has sky rocketed since starting my fitness journey with you in September last year, and not only am I loving the physical changes in my body, but mentally I have made huge improvements.

I’ve come from having a really poor relationship with food; restricting my calories so much and binging a few days later. But now I see food in a completely new way, I’m able to go out for meals and not feel guilty which was one of my goals :)

The training has been awesome in this booty programme, I’ve challenged myself in new ways which I’ve loved! I’m so excited to start the Bikini Body Challenge in 2 weeks and continue with my progress."