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Fitness completely changed my life and through Bodies By Rachel, I’ve helped thousands of women from across the globe to change theirs too. My mission is simple; to create the ultimate environment for females to transform and unlock the happiest, healthiest and most confident version of themselves.

My training and nutrition methods helped me to create the shape I always desired, transforming my physique from local personal trainer to 3x WBFF Bikini World Champion. I specialise in creating bikini bodies and love to help ladies achieve a toned, feminine shape. If you’re looking to embrace health and fitness in a way that is both enjoyable and sustainable, you’re at the right place!

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The StoryMeet Rachel

I’ve built BBR from the ground up, personally shaping and creating every element from my own experiences. I’ve always been inspired to create something that provided all the things I wish I had when I was introduced to fitness. I LOVED the feeling of working out, but I didn’t have the knowledge, guidance or support to build the shape I desired. As a young girl from a small town, no one took me seriously when I put my life on hold to follow my dream.

After years of blood, sweat and plenty of tears, BBR was born. I started training clients in every hour I could spare. When I had no more hours, I started running BBR Bootcamps to be accessible to more ladies. For the first time, women all around me were embracing health and fitness and were the happiest and most confident they had ever been. I was obsessed and completely dedicated to helping as many ladies as I could! This led me to move online, investing every part of myself into making BBR the best possible female fitness community possible! I’ve truly poured my heart and soul into this, and am so grateful to be able to work with thousands of incredible women from all across the globe.

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Our Approach The PROGRAMS…

I LOVE training! Over time, I’ve developed my own approach to training and nutrition that has allowed myself and thousands of my clients to create their dream shape. We are capable of achieving such incredible things and I’ve created my programs to test your limits and unlock your potential.

I believe my clients experience such life-changing transformations because BBR is more than a program. It’s a community! I’ve created my programs to combine not only the most effective training and nutrition guides for YOU and YOUR goals, but also the environment to support you and keep you accountable. By choosing BBR, you are choosing to join one of the most incredible female communities in the world.