"Just another little transformation for me! Also I wanted to say since there has been a lot of people posting about either friends or family or co workers not supporting you and your journey, life goes on, whether it be healthy or unhealthy, usually if someone is bashing what you’re eating or can’t accept the fact that you are doing something great for yourself and your health and your body, they are probably not in a good position to be shaming you. Everyone is going to have their opinions, my body is naturally curvy and thick so even though I am making healthier choices and living a better lifestyle some people may say well you’re still not skinny, well honey my goal isn’t to be skinny, my goals are to have great blood work for my heart health as heart disease runs in my family, my goal is to be strong and lift heavy weights while maintains my feminine figure, my goal is to be able to keep up with my children and travel and do fun things later in life without having to worry about my health, so yes I am going to pass on that cake at work and eat my food I brought whether you make fun of it or not at least I know I am one step closer to my goals. It’s the way you interpret things, if someone doesn’t agree then truly they aren’t supportive of you and your journey and I promise you will lose some but also gain some as well!!! Don’t let people shame you for what you want !!!! Go get your goals and smash them ladies !!! Rachel Dillon you’re amazing inside and out !! Thank you for helping me realize it’s so much more than a beautiful body, the body is a bonus"