“For the last five years I have been very active, training at least five times a week with a personal trainer. While I my fitness levels have improved, I haven’t been able to change my body structure. Losing weight around my tummy has always been easy by simply reducing my calorie intake. However, I have never been able to sculpt my thunder thighs or see significant glute growth, even while calorie counting. I have been following Rachel Dillon for a while and finally decided to give the Bikini Challenge a go. Let’s just say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

It has only been four weeks, but I can see significant changes. However, it has been the education that comes along with these programs that are most important. I am no longer afraid to consume fats and have become much more conscious of fueling my body with the right number of macros. I also no longer spend hours in the gym lifting or running, pushing myself to fatigue to get results. I can see the value in sculpting and allowing your body to rest because of this program. 

This program is for anyone from beginners to those who have been training for a long time but looking to trigger body changes that they haven’t been able to achieve elsewhere! Plus, it is super cheap and having a meal plan and training program there makes it so much easier to stay on track! Can’t wait to see what else I can achieve!”