Big things come in small packages. Let us show you what’s really possible in just 4 weeks. This high-intensity Program is designed to whip yourself into shape in no time!

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The best version of you
in 4 short weeks!

This is a fun and challenging 4-Week Program with a variety of resistance training, high-intensity circuits, as well as sculpting circuits to help you shred, tighten and tone!


Achieve a full body transformation and enjoy high intensity workouts created to help you shred unwanted body fat. 

Tighten & Tone

Move outside your comfort zone with daily workouts designed to help you push past your limits.

Are You Ready to Shred
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This STT Program includes access to all App features for 6 months, that’s less than $4 per week. Join now!

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By joining this program you will have access to the latest-and-greatest features of our App as well as the support and guidance of our Move With Us team through every step of your journey. 

  • Access to 4 Weeks of Daily Home & Gym Workouts to help you shred, tighten, and tone.
  • Personalised meal guide options created for your goals and preferences.
  • 650+ Delicious recipes! And yes - we cater for all dietary requirements (Vegan, Vegetarian, Red Meat Free, Dairy Free, & More!)
  • Multiple check-ins throughout your Program to ensure you’re on the right track to achieving your goals.
  • Live Workout options from all three MWU Coaches
  • Daily progress tracking, goal setting, gratitude & reflection tasks
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    This Program has helped thousands of ladies worldwide to achieve incredible results in just 4 weeks. We provide you with all of the training, nutrition, mindset and accountability tools that you need to succeed, as well as the support and guidance of our MWU Team!

    Absolutely! This Program includes access to daily home workouts, as well as hundreds of additional home workouts in our Workout Library. Plus, for the first time ever we’ve included a brand new Live Workout feature which includes at home workout options.

    For gym workouts, we recommend access to a lat pulldown machine, cable machine, leg press, smith machine, hamstring extension, sled, and cardio machines, such as a treadmill, stepper, bike, elliptical or rower machine. In addition, we recommend having access to the following pieces of equipment: booty bands, a set of dumbbells, yoga mat, exercise ball, medicine balls, kettlebells, bench, and a set of ankle weights.

    For home workouts, we recommend access to a set of dumbbells, skipping rope, booty band, set of ankle weights, exercise ball, yoga mat and a bench. We also have 'no equipment' workout swaps to ensure you can effectively complete this Program if you don't have access to these items!

    Immediately! As soon as you secure your place you will receive instructions about accessing the App and all it has to offer.

    We have weekly intake for this Program which starts every Monday!

    Transform yourself inside and out! Transform yourself inside and out!

    New You
    Is Right Around The Corner

    Take control of your journey, and set the tone for a new forever. Want to know exactly what you can achieve? Take a look at the incredible results of some of our previous STT clients.

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