Unlock Your Potential with BUILD Round 4

<em>Unlock Your Potential</em> with BUILD Round 4

Calling all experienced trainers!

If you’ve signed up for the brand NEW Round 4 of our highly-raved BUILD Challenge, then this is for you. It’s time to redefine your limits, expand your knowledge, and take your fitness game to the next level with new workouts and new training methods.

This new round has been specially programmed by our coaches Rachel and Emma Dillon, alongside renowned Exercise Physiologist Dr. Tony Boutagy, and the mobility experts at Mvment Method.

What training can you expect from BUILD?

Over 8 weeks, you will enjoy a workout split of 6 sessions per week, with the ability to customise your training plan and rearrange your week to suit you and your lifestyle in the MWU App.

The MWU App makes it easier than ever to train on your own terms with access to both home and gym workout options, with the ability to switch between them at any time - so you can train wherever you prefer.

But let’s break down Round 4…

Your workouts are programmed in 2-week blocks so that you are repeating the same workout split for two weeks in a row. 

The purpose of this programming is to master your form and technique in the first week and push yourself in the second week to lift heavier or increase the resistance so that you can apply progressive overload and achieve greater results.

You’ll also notice that we have introduced new highly-effective training methods, that include Strength Drop Sets, Back-off sets, Contrast Training, Tri-sets, and more throughout each training block.

Keep reading as we break it down even further and fill you in on how to perform each training technique, and the benefits of adding these methods into your strength-based workout routines.

Strength Drop Sets, Back Off Sets, and Pause Reps

In the first training block (weeks 1 and 2), Strength Drop Sets is the primary method we use, but you will also find back-off sets and pause reps partnered alongside this method.

The aim is to perform the sets in rapid succession with minimal rest between sets, while the weight is reduced. 🔥 The ‘strength’ component is that each set will be performed with a 3RM load, with 4 total sets (drops) performed.

In Round 4 of BUILD, you’ll find the strength drop set written like this: 3 x 3+3+3+3. You’ll perform a set of 3 reps, rest 10 seconds while you drop the weight a little, and perform 3 more reps. Repeat the method and drop the weight two more times, making 4 maximal sets of 3 reps. That is ‘one set’ completed. You will rest for 2 minutes and perform two more drop sets. After the drop sets, you will perform one set with a pause at the top of each rep for 5 seconds. Finally, you will reduce the load to perform a back-off set with a higher rep range.

MWU ambassador, Trinity demonstrates an example of this training method using the Hip Thrust exercise. Whether you are completing this BUILD Round or looking for an extra challenge to add to your next workout, give this one a go - you can thank us later!



Supersets with the 1¼ Method and Drop Sets

The second training block (weeks 3 and 4) focuses on Supersets, with the extra spice that we love to include in our MWU workouts. Supersets are two exercises performed for the same muscle group back-to-back with minimal rest.

Throughout this training block, you’ll find that the two exercises listed for the supersets workouts will each have their own method as well: the first exercise will use the 1¼ method, and the second exercise will use a drop set method.

The 1¼ is performed with one full rep immediately followed by a ¼ rep at the bottom part of the exercise for every rep, before driving back up through the movement and starting another rep.

The Drop Set method, similarly to the Strength Drop Set, is performed in rapid succession with minimal rest between sets, while the weight is reduced with each set.

Here’s a spicy superset for you to try!
A1: Dumbbell Shoulder Press 1¼ x 8 reps
A2: Dumbbell Lateral Raises x Drop Set 10+10 reps
→ Complete 3 sets. 

Contrast Training with Cluster Sets and Higher Repetition

In the third training block (weeks 5 and 6) we introduce Contrast Training. This involves performing an exercise that develops muscular strength (heavy & slow) followed by an exercise that develops muscular power (light & fast).

Try this superset combo, from Round 4, using the Contrast Training method!
A1: Barbell Deadlifts x 8 reps
A2: Kettlebell Glute Swings x 20 reps

→ Complete 4 sets. 

Throughout this training block, you’ll also discover the Single Drop Set method; dropping the weight only once after you perform a set. The aim is to select a lighter weight than normal for a traditional drop set, so for example you can perform 15 reps for your first set and 20 reps for the dropped set.

Tri-Sets with Ascending Reps

And lastly, in the final training block (weeks 7 and 8), Tri-sets are the primary method we use. Tri-Sets are three exercises for the same muscle group performed in rapid succession with minimal rest between exercises.

In Round 4 of BUILD, you’ll find the first two exercises in the tri-set will be performed on 8RM using a different method each: the first exercise will use the Pause Rep method (slow & heavy), and the second exercise will use a 1¼ method (slow & heavy), followed by the third exercises being performed with a higher rep range (fast & light).

Enjoy this triple threat tri-set incorporating the various methods above!
A1: Barbell Hip Thrusts (2-second pause) x 8 reps
A2: Dumbbell Romanian Deadlifts 1¼ x 8 reps
A3: Barbell Hip Thrusts x 25 reps

→ Complete 4 sets.

And there you have it! The lowdown on the new training methods from the latest round of our BUILD Challenge.

If you’re wanting to get a feel of what all the hype is about, follow along with Coach Rachel Dillon, in this workout from Round 4 of BUILD Challenge.



Places for our BUILD Challenge have now closed as the challenge has officially started. 

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