We strongly believe that our workouts can be a part of any lifestyle, no matter the circumstances! This is why all MWU Programs and Challenges come with Home AND Gym options for every workout, so you can tailor your training to your schedule, location and preferences. 😍

One of the most common questions we're asked, is whether training at home is effective! How are you supposed to train with limited equipment? Will your progress be slower? Is it harder to motivate yourself at home?

Fear not - we’ve got you! We will take you through some tips and tricks to get the most out of your home workouts, efficiently, even if you don’t have much (or any!) equipment, as well as provide a whole WEEK of workouts for you to enjoy!

Tips For Training At Home!🏠

Ideally, for any home training program you would benefit from obtaining the following equipment:

  • Dumbbells! Adjustable ones will give you a greater variety without taking up a lot of space. Alternatively, we recommend one lighter set of 3-4kg dumbbells for upper body, and another heavier set of 7-8kg dumbbells for lower body sessions, as a staring point. 
  • Booty bands or cotton bands, which we can't recommend enough for activating and targeting the lower body.
  • Ankle weights - a surprisingly versatile piece of equipment that can help sculpt the legs and glutes. Or strap them to your wrists for some weighted upper body work!
  • A bench, or a sturdy elevated surface that can safely act like one. A coffee table, chair, bed, couch or stairs would be suitable for hip thrusts and other elevated work!
  • If possible, it’s also highly beneficial to obtain an exercise ball, as well as a set of resistance bands with handles (for upper body workouts).

We have discounted equipment bundles available for all your home workout needs!

If you can’t get to stores and don’t have much - or any - equipment, it’s also completely fine to get creative (e.g. full water bottles used as weights), or perform exercises with bodyweight only. Remember - any movement beats no movement!

We have included no equipment alternatives for most exercises in the MWU App! And of course, Emma Dillon's 8 Week Home Transformation Program or our 6 Week Booty and Core Program is a great option too - as it can be completed with minimal or NO equipment!

Whether you’re stocked up on home essentials or not, you will still likely find that your weight and equipment selection is compromised compared to what you may be used to at the gym.

However, you can still have a very challenging, effective workout from home, and achieve progressive overload in other ways!

Here are a few tips to make your workouts more challenging from home 🏠

  • Focus on perfecting your form and hitting full reps.

  • Pay attention to your tempo. Slow down the movements so you're not rushing through the motions. 

  • Really focus on contracting the muscles you are working, focusing on your mind to muscle connection
  • Add additional sets and reps. By increasing the density of exercises and reps you pack into your designated training time, you can create a progressive overload.

  • Shorten your rest periods to ramp up the intensity.
  • Add a finisher to your workout! You can find a handful of Rachel Dillon's killer Finishers and Burnout Challenges in the Workout Library in the MWU App. 

You will be surprised by just how much you can achieve with these little tweaks!

Below, you will find examples of workouts that can be completed entirely from home, with minimal equipment 💪


This workout split requires minimal equipment and space, and is a perfect solution for any time you can’t leave the house but want to get your sessions done. Take a look at the weekly overview below:

Ready to get started? We've shared a complete week of home training for you below! Let's do this!💪🏼 

You can click here for a video of this workout! 

Click here to view Tuesday's lower body workout!
Click here to view Wednesday's upper body workout! 

Click here to watch me complete this full body home workout!


Click here to view Saturday's workout!

Sundays are for rest and recovery! We hope this week of workouts helps you stay active and moving from home through these difficult times! You've got this sis!

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