Evolve Your Lifting Game with Strength

Evolve Your Lifting Game with <em>Strength</em>

Nothing beats the feeling of stepping into the gym, motivation levels through the roof, knowing that you're about to train hard and push yourself to new levels.

If you love the feeling too, you're going to absolutely love the brand new Full Body Strength workouts in our 6 Week EVOLVE Challenge.

Our MWU Coaches Rachel and Emma Dillon, alongside highly-accredited Exercise Physiologist, Dr Tony Boutagy, have worked together to bring you a brand new strength training program, guaranteed to elevate your fitness journey and build confidence in your lifts.

Through this style of training, you can expect to increase your overall strength, enhance your cardiovascular fitness, and progressively hit new personal bests in your lifts over the 6 weeks. 

Depending on the goal you select in your MWU App, you can work towards building lean muscle, losing body fat, or maintaining body composition, when your training regime is paired with the personalised calorie and macro targets we provide for you. 

What type of workouts you can expect

The Strength workouts are 60-90 minute gym-based sessions, with a focus on full body strength training, incorporating a mix of muscle group targeted pull and push days, as well as HIIT and LISS cardio days.

Get ready to train like never before.

As a first for Move With Us programs, Tony has introduced highly effective lifting methods into the workouts, including Wave Loading, the 3-5-7 Method, and the 4x4 Hatfield Methods. Stay tuned for more blogs detailing these new training methods in the coming weeks!

There are two primary ways in which you can create a training split. The first is a full body split, and the second is assigning muscle groups to a training day in a week.

Tony explains that the primary driver of muscle
growth is training volume. This, by definition, means that only a few muscles can be effectively trained if volume is the method being employed, and that's where splits are effectively used - lower body one day, upper body the next.

For the development of muscle strength, intensity is the key driver. And intensity doesn't technically mean the burn, but rather how close the loads lifted are in relation to your 1 repetition maximum (RM).

For example, 3RM is more intense that a 10RM. As such, strength training requires much less training volume, as the emphasis is intensity. Our Evolve full body Strength workouts have been effectively programmed for this purpose.

Take a look at the Strength training split below.

No time for 6 gym sessions a week? No worries!

With our Evolve Challenge, we're introducing a brand new app feature that allows you to select your preferred number of training days per week. Your Workout Planner will automatically adjust your training sessions to the most effective split to suit your schedule.

Workout sneak peek

Want to see what Strength has in store? Try this full body workout, specifically targeting your glutes, shoulders and core.

You'll need a bench, a set of dumbbells, a cable machine, and a yoga mat.

This workout takes around 60-90 minutes to complete. 

For exercises A1-A3 and B1-B3, please consider your first set a Warm Up Set. This means that you'll work at 50-60% of your first working set weight to warm up. 

Move quickly between each exercise and have no longer than 10 seconds rest between exercises.

A1. Single Leg Hip Thrusts 1 
¼: 15 reps each leg

A2. Dumbbell Lateral Raises: 15 reps


A3. Shoulder Taps: 30 reps

Repeat exercises A1-A3 for 5 rounds.

Take 60-90 seconds rest between rounds.

B1. Dumbbell Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts: 15 reps each leg

B2. Cable Upright Rows: 15 reps

If you don't have access to a cable machine, you can perform this exercise with dumbbells.

B3. Modified V Sits: 15 reps

Repeat exercises B1-B3 for 5 rounds.

Take 60-90 seconds rest between rounds.

Let us know how you found this sweaty Strength session in the MWU Facebook Community Group!

Unlike any other challenge we've held before, EVOLVE includes 4 complete training styles in the one challenge! You'll have access to a complete 6 weeks of Strength, 30 Min Express, At Home and Mobility workouts, and you can alternate between the 4 styles anytime throughout your 6 months of app access.

Need some recovery after that killer strength session? Give this sneak peak Mobility workout a go tomorrow to help ease any muscle tension and enhance your strength training. 

Places for our EVOLVE Challenge have now closed as the challenge has officially started. 

However if you're looking to increase your strength, gain confidence in your lifts, and take control of your fitness journey, our 8 Week STRONG Program is the perfect next step in your journey.

This immersive 8-Week experience has 4 levels on offer to suit to all fitness levels, and includes 6 months access to the Move With Us App.

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Start your journey today to unlock your potential and make 2022 your best year yet!