Striving for Progress with the Reset Challenge

Striving for Progress with the Reset Challenge

Our 6 Week Reset Challenge was first created to bring you a new experience of training through a combination of strength workouts and high-intensity circuits.

Coaches Rachel and Olivia have teamed up to create this ultimate Challenge that’s all about pushing beyond your limits, becoming stronger, and feeling fitter.

If you’re ready to step outside of your comfort zone, transform your physique, and move into the New Year, then this Challenge is for you!

Throughout this Challenge, you'll experience a combination of Strength Training with Coach Olivia and High-Intensity Sweat & Sculpt Circuits with Coach Rachel.

The strength/weighted workouts emphasize triphasic periodisation, breaking the training blocks into isometric, eccentric, and concentric phases. Training all three phases of a movement is a highly effective way to develop muscle strength, size, and to challenge lifts that may otherwise seem straightforward.

Additionally, these sessions incorporate training to failure, contrast sets, core finishers, and mobility warm-ups. These sessions are designed with longer rests between sets, allowing you to focus on form and give each repetition 100% effort.

On the other hand, the 45-minute Sweat and Sculpt Circuits will elevate your heart rate - so you can get your sweat on. You'll finish these sessions with a 60-second finisher designed to target different muscle groups, with a particular focus on shaping the glutes and strengthening the core.

Over the 6 weeks, you will enjoy a combination of:

✓ Lower and Upper Body Strength Workouts. 
✓ Sweat & Sculpt Circuits.
✓ Mobility Warm Ups to assist with range of movement and technique.
✓ Core Circuits.

Keep reading to discover exactly what you can expect from the programming of this Challenge.

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the training split!

With the Reset Challenge, you will have the ability to choose from 4, 5 or 6 training days per week, and here’s what you can expect from a 6-day split:

The Reset Challenge is structured with three 2-week training blocks, so every two weeks you'll experience new workouts. The aim is to achieve progressive overload in the second week of the workouts. We dive deeper into the training blocks below, and help you understand the different training phases you’ll experience throughout the Challenge.


In the strength/weighted sessions of this block, the focus is on isometrics, commonly known as long holds, particularly in compound lifts. Strength training with isometric holds can increase power and contribute to the development of strength and stability. If you're new to isometric holds you may experience some muscle soreness in week one. Where needed, it's recommended to reduce the weight as you adapt to this movement pattern.

For your first Sweat and Sculpt Circuit we'll be working with 30-second on and 15-second off intervals. Have a set of dumbbells ready as we will be cycling through exercises that target the entire body. Both the Sweat and Sculpt Circuit will end with a 60-second finisher.


This phase places a strong emphasis on control, incorporating eccentrics along with some additional AMRAPs (As many reps as possible). Eccentric muscle contractions involve the lengthening of muscles. Learning to control weight through this movement pattern improves not only strength but also connective tissue that in turn, prevents injury. Over these two weeks, you will encounter Max Reps, a technique involving training to failure, making it the toughest training block of the entire Challenge.

In the Sculpt and Sweat Circuits, we'll intensify the workout by adjusting the intervals from 30 seconds on to 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off. These sessions will predominantly target the lower body through isometric exercises.


This block focuses on concentric training with some additions of contrast sets. Concentric muscle contractions involve the shortening phase of a movement, such as the upward phase of a squat. After dedicating the previous four weeks to isometrics and eccentrics, you should notice improvements in your lifts. Your lifts should feel fluid and reps are relatively high with inclusions of rep ranges to ensure you can either train for volume or push yourself at heavier weights. Contrast sets, involving a weighted exercise followed by a similar bodyweight exercise, such as a barbell back squat followed by a squat jump, aim to build strength, promote muscle growth, and increase explosive power. This method induces additional fatigue, and it is recommended to choose rep ranges aligned with your fitness goals.

In the Sculpt and Sweat Circuits, we will maintain 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off intervals, this time targeting the entire body. You can expect exercises like burpees, med ball slams, box jumps, thrusters, and extensive core work. We're going to finish the final two weeks strong!

The Reset Challenge is best suited for intermediate trainers with 6 months of experience in the gym. However, we are excited to introduce rep ranges into our Reset Challenge programming to ensure you can train in a way that is best suited to your ability and overall goals.

You'll be pushed beyond your limits to discover what you're truly capable of. And at the end of our 6 Week Reset Challenge, we want you to feel accomplished. We want you to feel stronger. We want you to feel empowered to step into the next phase of your fitness journey!