Reset, Reclaim and Realign Your Goals with our New Year Challenge

Reset, Reclaim and Realign Your Goals with our New Year Challenge

Our Reset Challenge is back and BETTER!

With Coaches Olivia and Rachel coming together to create the ultimate 6 Week Challenge to help you build strength, achieve your physique goals, and move into the new year.

This 6 Week Challenge has been created for those looking to:

✓ Achieve a full body transformation through strength training and sculpting workouts.
✓ Take control of your fitness journey and start 2024 right.
✓ Focus on compound lifts and hit new PB's.
✓ Enjoy 35-50 minute gym or home workouts.

✓ Increase your education around training and nutrition for long-lasting results. 

PLUS, for the first time ever we're introducing Challenge Non-Negotiable's! In 2024, we're helping you take your progress, physically and mentally, to a whole new level with carefully selected Challenge Non-Negotiable's to push you beyond your boundaries each day.

If you’re curious to know more, keep reading as we break down all you need to know about our Reset Challenge below.

What’s different with the Reset Challenge this year?

This year's Reset Challenge is the perfect guide to building muscle through compound lifts, strengthening the little muscles that are often neglected through accessory-style training and moving through HIIT-style sessions to increase your fitness.

Our Reset Challenge in 2023 closely followed both Coach Olivia and Rachel's unique training styles, bringing together the best of both worlds and focusing heavily on training like your MWU Coaches and training athletically to increase your fitness levels.

And that’s not all… This New Year we are helping you take your progress, physically and mentally, to a whole new level with Challenge Non-Negotiables.

Chosen to get you out of your comfort zone, each day you'll commit to:

✓ No social media 1 hour before bed or after waking up.
✓ Minimum of 7 hours sleep.
✓ Read 10 pages a day.
✓ 1 minute of cold water exposure.

✓ No alcohol.

You’ll have the ability to track your compliance your Printable Accountability Calendar. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy.

What training can I expect from the Reset Challenge?

Prepare to Strengthen and Sculpt your physique as Coaches Rachel and Olivia come together to provide you with a perfectly balanced training split that includes a combination of:

✓ Lower and Upper Body Strength Workouts.
✓ Sweat & Sculpt Circuits.
✓ Mobility Warm Ups to assist with range of movement and technique.

✓ Core Circuits.

The Reset Challenge is best suited for intermediate trainers with 6 months of experience in the gym.

However, we are excited to introduce rep ranges into our Reset Challenge programming to ensure you can train in a way that is best suited to your ability and overall goals. Plus, you will also have the option to select from a 4, 5, or 6-day training split, or alternatively customise your Workout Planner to suit your schedule. Here’s a look at what the training split will be:

The Reset Challenge Programming is a combination of Strength Training with Coach Olivia and Sweat and Sculpt Circuits with Coach Rachel.

The strength/weighted workouts emphasize triphasic periodisation, breaking the training blocks into isometric, eccentric, and concentric phases. Training all three phases of a movement is a highly effective way to develop muscle strength, size, and to challenge lifts that may otherwise seem straightforward. Additionally, these sessions incorporate training to failure, contrast sets, core finishers, and mobility warm-ups. These sessions are designed with longer rests between sets, allowing you to focus on form and give each repetition 100% effort.

On the other hand, the 45-minute Sweat and Sculpt Circuits will elevate your heart rate - so you can get your sweat on. You'll finish these sessions with a 60-second finisher designed to target different muscle groups, with a particular focus on shaping the glutes and strengthening the core.

What can I achieve with the Reset Challenge?

By completing this 6 Week Challenge you can expect to:

✓ Achieve a full body transformation.
✓ Strengthen and Sculpt your entire body.
✓ Increase your fitness levels.
✓ Become a stronger, more empowered version of you.

✓ Improve mobility and stability for better performance inside and outside the gym.

WIN Coach Rachel and Olivia's Must Have's!

A Challenge with us is not complete without a prize to celebrate your journey! The winner of our Reset Challenge, staring on January 15th, will receive an incredible prize pack filled with Coach Rachel and Olivia’s favourite items, valued over $3,000AUD.

To be in the running to win, you will have the option to enter through one of the entry methods below:

So whether you're looking to transform with us, get social, or share your story, we're giving you a way to win with our Reset Challenge.

Want to know more?

We answer the commonly asked questions below:

This guided 6 Week experience includes:

✓ 35-50 minute gym and home training options.
✓ The choice of 4, 5 or 6 training days per week.
✓ Personalised macros with easy-to-follow Meal Guides and recipes.
✓ 8 weeks of access to all features of the MWU App.
✓ The chance to win a Prize Pack valued at over $3,000AUD.
✓ Weekly check-ins and progress tracking.
✓ Challenge Non-Negotiables trackable within the MWU App.
✓ Digital and Printable Habit Tracker.
✓ Customer Care Partner.
✓ Expert Trainer and accredited Dietitian support

✓ Daily goal-setting, habit tracking, and so much more!

You’ll enjoy everything you need in one app!

The MWU App will be your very own personal trainer, dietitian, sous-chef, and motivational hype girl all in the palm of your hand.

When does this Challenge start?

The Reset Challenge officially kicks off Monday, January 15th, 2024.

Is this Challenge included in the Platinum Membership?

Yes! When you sign up for our Annual Platinum Membership, you receive access to ALL available MWU Programs and Levels for 12 months, as well as access to ALL upcoming Challenges during the Challenge duration period of your Membership.

For our Platinum Members, you'll be able to access the Reset Challenge via the Program Switcher in your MWU App when App access is live.

➡️ Simply click on your Profile pic to open up your App menu
➡️ Select your current Program
➡️ Click on the ‘Challenges’ tab to view available Challenges
➡️ Select the Reset Challenge

➡️ Complete your onboarding questionnaire

Will I receive the 2024 Daily Goal Planner with the Reset Challenge?

Yes! You loved it so much last year, that we've brought it back with a few improvements. The best part? It's FREE!

Designed to help you plan your day and increase your productivity, our 2024 Daily Goal Planner includes:

✓ Mindset tasks to establish and set your personal goals.⁣
✓ Weekly Reflection so you can stay on track toward your goals.⁣
✓ Weekly Overview to track important milestones and dates.
✓ Daily Schedule Planning to keep track of your busy lifestyle.
✓ Daily Priority Task List to increase your productivity.

✓ Daily Healthy Habit Tracker.

Be one of the first to secure your spot in our Reset Challenge or join Annual Platinum Membership, and you’ll receive our 2024 Daily Goal Planner for FREE! But this is only available while stocks last. So be quick! You don’t miss out!

Planners are available as a gift with purchase or stand-alone on the MWU website.

Does this Challenge include Home & Gym options?

Yes! With our Reset Challenge, you will have access to both home and gym workout options.

You can switch between home and gym workouts by toggling between the dumbbell and home icon in the workouts tab.

What equipment do I need?

If you prefer to train at the gym, a standard gym should provide all equipment and machines required to complete the gym workouts.

If you're completing the Reset Challenge from home, you'll need:

✓ Yoga Mat
✓ Set of Dumbbells
✓ Booty/Cotton Bands
✓ Skipping Rope
✓ Set of Sliders
✓ Power/Resistance Bands
✓ Kettlebell
✓ Bench or Box

✓ Set of Ankle Weights

Which Nutrition Goal should I choose for the Reset Challenge?

The Reset Challenge was designed to help you kick start the New Year on a strong note! This Challenge is the perfect opportunity to start establishing those healthy habits and routines ready for a healthy year ahead.

It is also a perfect opportunity to reflect and decide what nutrition goals you want to focus on to compliment your training in 2024. Let's explore your options for the Reset Challenge!

Muscle Gain: If you aim to use some of that extra holiday fuel to build lean muscle, this goal is ideal for you! This goal will provide you with a calorie surplus to keep you energised, allowing you to excel in your workouts and promote muscle growth and start the year off nice and strong. 

Maintenance: The maintenance goal is perfect if you wish to ease into the New Year, establish or sustain those healthy habits and routines and maintain a stable weight. Embracing balance and maintaining progress is what this goal is all about.

Both: Looking to strike a balance between weight loss and muscle growth? This goal places you in a slight calorie deficit to encourage weight loss whilst promoting muscle growth at the same time. It's a challenging yet achievable goal, whether you're a beginner or returning to training after a break.

Lose Body Fat: If you want to kick start the year with weight loss - this goal has you covered! Be prepared, this goal involves placing you in a calorie deficit in order to achieve weight loss. Consistency in nutrition is key, and our Meal Guides and healthy recipes are here to simplify your journey and make it easier and more enjoyable for you.

Whichever goal you choose, our Reset Challenge is here to support you to start the year strong. Let’s make 2024 your healthiest, happiest and most confident year yet!