Rachel's Guide to EVOLVE

Rachel's Guide to <em>EVOLVE</em>

The beauty of health and fitness is that it is an ongoing journey in that you are forever evolving to create a lifestyle that you love and enjoy. No matter where you are in your journey, you can always adapt and change your routine to fit within whatever life stage you’re in.

MWU Coach Rachel Dillon has adapted her lifestyle over the years from being under the impression that it’s an all or nothing when it comes to following a fitness program, to continuing into a very strict routine throughout her days of competing, to now enjoying a balanced and sustainable approach to her health and fitness goals.

See what she has to say for herself and her fitness journey evolution:


But whether you’re a busy mum, a full-time student, or a shift worker, we’re here to remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to! Our Evolve Challenge is the ultimate 6-week experience to evolve your training, mindset, and lifestyle with complete access to our MWU App, which features all the tools you need to succeed and create the lifestyle that you love.

Read on for a full breakdown of the features included, and how Rachel plans to use them to achieve her goals throughout our Evolve Challenge.  

Habit Tracking

First and foremost it’s essential to track your progression with your daily habits. In the MWU App, you can do this by logging your sleep, hydration, and steps. This is great to look back on to see how you have improved over time - reflection is key!


We recommend aiming for 2.5L of water each day to remain hydrated and replenish fluids lost in your training session. Don’t forget coffee, tea, and other beverages can be included in this total! 

Rachel shares how she tracks her water intake to ensure she is achieving her target:

 “I aim to have 3L of water each day and I do this using 750mL bottles of water to monitor how I am going through the day. I have:
  • 1x 750mls by 7am
  • 1x 750mls by 10am
  • 1x 750mls by 1pm
  • 1x 750mls by 3pm
  • I then sip a small amount of water for the rest of the day. Personally, if I have too much water before I go to sleep, I am up multiple times throughout the night having to use the bathroom which disrupts my sleep.”


    Your step targets are set for your chosen goal however, we all know that some days are more active than others so sometimes looking at a weekly average or a weekly total may be more beneficial overall for your goals. 

    Rachel is currently aiming to hit 6000-8000 steps per day and uses the MWU App to stay on track.

    “I simply use apple health on my phone which syncs to the MWU App. I personally like to measure my steps as ‘on average’ as some days I can move more than others! The app also tracks this!”


    Sleep is one of the most crucial factors to your health and affects so many aspects when it comes to your physical and mental wellbeing. We recommend around 7-8 hours of good quality sleep for a healthy and happy body and brain. 

    Rachel always aims to have 7.5-8 hours of sleep each night. She shares some changes she has implemented into her routine to improve her quality of sleep.

    Goal Setting

    It’s so important to get really clear on exactly what you want to achieve each day and that’s why creating daily goals helps to build long-lasting habits. The best way to set your goals is to physically write them down, whether that be the good old-fashioned way with pen and paper, or in our MWU App. 

    You can set out your daily goals in the goal tracking section of the app each morning or the night before if you’re an early riser! Your list can be as little or as long as you need to ensure you are ticking off all that you want to achieve on that day. 

    Rachel shares how important it is to write down your daily goals, I cannot explain to you how much value I get from the daily goal setting list. The night before every new day, I list out EVERYTHING I need to accomplish the next day. The more you do this and repeat these habits daily, the less you’ll have to write them down. Drinking 3L of water a day for me is simply a habit now and I never have to write it down, however, I did do an example for you so you can see how specific you can be!”

    Rachel’s Approach to EVOLVE

    Rachel’s main focus for Evolve is to look and feel her very best leading into her birthday at the end of the month. She shares below how she will be incorporating all training styles into her workout routine and her approach to nutrition throughout this Challenge.


    Rachel has chosen to customise her Workout Planner in the MWU App and create her own training split for Evolve which includes 2x Full Body Strength, 1x Pilates, 2x 30 Min Express, 1x LISS Cardio & Mobility, and 1x Rest Day.

    “I absolutely love trying and learning new things and pilates has always been something I am super interested in. However, I LOVE my weight training and it is something that helps me achieve the results I am after physically and mentally, which is why I always need a minimum of three weighted sessions a week! I chose 2x Full Body Strength sessions and 2x 30 Min Express sessions”

    To create your own training split

    Simply click on the ‘training icon’ listed beside the specific day you would like to swap.

    Then select your new preferred training style for that day. Keep in mind that when you switch the training style for a specific day, the workout will be from the same day in the other training style.


    While we do encourage you to change up your training style, you won’t need to adjust your nutrition when doing this. We recommend keeping your nutrition targets the same despite changing your training styles to ensure that you are nourishing your body adequately for the amount of activity you are doing and for your chosen goal.

    For Evolve, Rachel’s calories are placed in a very mild deficit as shown below and you bet she will be including all of her favourite foods that she loves! Remember you can still do this and make them fit into your calories and macros - balance and moderation are key! 

    Rachel’s calories and macros for Evolve: 1950cals (P:115g F:60g C:237g)

    “Most of the year I don't track and sit around maintenance, so once a year I always like to challenge myself with a mini cut, and my birthday is the perfect occasion. I will still be including ALL of the foods I love! I will be tracking my calories throughout this challenge, and using the MWU recipes in the app to do so.”

    Check out a few of Rachel’s favourite MWU Recipes right now! We can guarantee you’ll want to try these and will be thanking us later.

    Vanilla Almond Smoothie:


    • 25g Dates (Pitted)
    • 30g Whey Protein Powder
    • 10g Honey
    • 150ml Almond Milk
    • 6g Almond Butter
    • 40g Rolled Oats
    • 40g Avocado
    • 80g Banana

    Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth. Water or ice can be added, if desired.

    Sticky Asian Salmon:

     Pancake Scramble: 

    Places for our Evolve Challenge have now closed. However, if you’re looking to join the MWU community and evolve your training, mindset and lifestyle, take a look at our Programs.

    We have multiple Programs available with weekly intakes to suit all fitness levels and goals. Follow the link to get started or chat with our team to find out more.