An update is coming...

An update is coming...

We are very excited to announce some brand new updates coming to your MWU App this April which will make your nutrition experience a breeze. We’ll run you through our top FAQs below:

So what is included in this update?

  • Meal Guides and nutrition will no longer be specific to a particular Program or Challenge.
  • Shorter questionnaire.
  • Save customisations for the ‘Current Day’, ‘All Days of this Week’ or ‘All Days’. 

You will have noticed that currently your Meal Guide is attached to your specific Program or Challenge meaning as you switch between active Programs/ Challenges, your Meal Guide and calories can change.

To better support our community, particularly those on Platinum Membership, this update will ensure you have a consistent nutrition experience.

I have multiple Programs currently, what Meal Guide will be kept once the update is live?

If you have multiple active Programs or Challenges, the Program or Challenge you will have under ‘My Active Program’ (located in your profile) will be retained as your default Meal Guide and attached to your profile. You will still have the opportunity to complete a new onboarding questionnaire to receive updated calories and Meal Guides with each new Program or Challenge.

Will I lose any customisations that I have made to my Meal Guide when the update is released?

All customisations made to your ‘current active’ Meal Guide will be retained once the update is released.

What happens if I have different nutrition goals between Programs?

The nutrition goal for your ‘current active’ Program will be retained. 

Do I still have to complete a new questionnaire for every new Program?

If you have already completed an initial questionnaire, when you join a new Program or Challenge you will have the option to complete the regular onboarding questionnaire or a shortened version. The shortened version will keep your current goal including your calories and macros and any customisations made to your Meal Guide.

This means there is no need to fill out existing information such as your measurements, dietary preferences or goal if they have not changed. If you would like to begin a new Program or Challenge without having to change your Meal Guide or calories, simply select ‘No’ when asked if you would like to update your information. By selecting ‘No’, you will be fast-tracked through the usual initial questionnaire and retain your current Meal Guide and calories. If you would like to update your information at any time you can do so via Update My Macros located in the profile section of your App.

I’m unsure about my Activity Level?

Based on feedback from our community we have refined our Activity Level definitions to better help your selection. You’ll be able to find our new definition in onboarding questionnaire’s or Update My Macros.

Active: Moderate or very active lifestyle

  • Physically demanding job such as: construction, healthcare, personal trainer.
  • Will be completing 6 workouts per week (300 minutes).

Moderate: Mostly sedentary lifestyle

  • Low active job such as desk job with regular walking
  • Will be completing 4-5 workouts per week (over 150 minutes)

Sedentary: Mostly inactive

  • Job which mostly involves being seated at desk
  • Will be completing less than 3 workouts per week (under 150 minutes)
Why can I see my Meal Guide right away?

Your tailored Meal Guide to support you achieving your goals will be available to you in a few short seconds after completing an onboarding questionnaire. Not to worry though, there have been no changes to how your Meal Guides and calories are determined. The only change is reduced wait time meaning you can get to exploring and customising your Meal Guide right away!

How do I receive the update? 

You will receive a push notification from your MWU App once the latest update is available for you to download.

We hope this helps to clarify any of your questions before our exciting update. As always, if you have any further questions or concerns please reach out to us via email at or Live Chat →