All You Need to Know About our BUILD Challenge!

All You Need to Know About our <em>BUILD</em> Challenge!

You asked and we are delivering! We’re bringing back something you love, plus something new.

Say hello to our BUILD Challenge, with a BRAND NEW round! 🔥

Formerly known as Bikini Build, our 8 Week BUILD Challenge is here to take you through an effective transformation experience that has been created to unlock your true potential. Throughout this Challenge, you can expect to build strength, expand your knowledge, boost your confidence, master your mindset and curate a fitter future, through our easy-to-use MWU App.

Is our BUILD Challenge for you?

Our BUILD Challenge is designed to transform your fitness journey in just 8 weeks! Whilst BUILD has physically transformed so many incredible women of our community, it is also known for its ability to really push your training to the next level.

With this Challenge, we will equip you with all the tools, support, and education you need to help carry your new habits and progress beyond the 8 weeks and into the rest of your life.

So if you’re someone who:

  • Is looking to make progress with their physical goals, and training technique ability?
  • Enjoys challenging, resistance-based workouts?
  • Is looking to increase strength and build muscle?
  • Wanting to improve their training through challenging training techniques?

This is the Challenge for you!

Enjoy new challenging and effective workouts, a customised approach to nutrition, and for the first time, access to all 4 rounds of BUILD for the price of one.

Remember if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!

What training can I expect with BUILD?

BUILD is all about improving your strength, muscle growth and technique in the gym. Over 8 weeks you’ll learn how to take control of your training sessions by following a structured training program, which will have you pushing yourself both inside and outside the gym.

You’ll enjoy a combination of:

  • Resistance Training
  • Weighted Sessions
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Cardio
  • Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) Cardio
  • Circuit Training
  • Core Challenges

Each session takes between 45-70 minutes to complete, plus you’ll also have the option to select between 4, 5 or 6 training days per week.

But let’s take a closer look at the style of training you can expect in the first training block of each round 🏋️‍♀️

Monday: Lower Body Weighted
(Focus: Glutes & Hamstrings)
Tuesday: Upper Body Weighted
Wednesday: HIIT Cardio + Core Strength & Stability
Thursday: Lower Body Weighted
(Focus: Quads & Hamstrings)
Friday: Upper Body Weighted
Saturday: Glute Circuit
Sunday: Rest & Recovery

Monday: Glutes Weighted
Tuesday: HIIT Cardio + Core Strength & Stability
Wednesday: Lower Body Weighted
(Focus: Glutes & Hamstrings)
Thursday: LISS Cardio + Upper Body Weighted
(Focus: Shoulders)
Friday: Lower Body Weighted
(Focus: Glutes & Quads)
Saturday: Upper Body Weighted + Core Strength & Stability
(Focus: Back)
Sunday: Rest & Recovery

Monday: Lower Body Weighted
(Focus: Glutes & Quads)
Tuesday: Upper Body Weighted
(Focus: Shoulders, Chest & Triceps)
Wednesday: Full Body Weighted
(Focus: Hamstrings, Back & Biceps)
Thursday: HIIT Cardio + Core Circuit
Friday: LISS Cardio + Full Body Mobility
Saturday: Glutes & Core Weighted
Sunday: Rest & Recovery

Monday: Lower Body Weighted
Tuesday: Upper Body Weighted & Core Circuit 
Wednesday: Full Body Mobility 
Thursday: Lower Body Weighted
Friday: Upper Body Weighted & Core Circuit 
Saturday: LISS Cardio & Core Challenge 

Sunday: Rest & Recovery

Which Round is for YOU?

BUILD contains 4 different rounds, which are progressions based on your training experience. Whether this is your very first Challenge, or you’ve done them all, we’ve got rounds suited for every level of experience.

Ideal for beginners, or those looking to complete a strength-based program for the first time.
A great option for intermediate trainers, or those who have previously completed Round 1.
Suitable for intermediate and advanced trainers, or those looking to really challenge their current training regime.

This is a brand NEW round, and recommended for advanced trainers, or those who have previously completed Round 3.

But the best part of it all is that no matter whether you choose to start with Round 1 or are up for the challenge with our newest Round, you will have access to ALL rounds of our BUILD Challenge.

What’s Included?

Your Challenge will be run exclusively through the MWU App, with all the tools to help you reach your goals and change your life forever.

The MWU App will be your new best friend - your very own personal trainer, dietitian, sues chef, motivational hype girl and mindset coach, all in the palm of your hand.

When you join the BUILD Challenge you’ll also receive access to:

  • Daily guided workouts with interchangeable home and gym options
  • Customised meal guides tailored to your daily nutrition targets and preferences. We cater for all dietary requirements (Vegan, Vegetarian, Red Meat Free, Dairy Free, & More!)
  • Access to 1000+ delicious, macro-friendly recipes to fuel your body
  • 6 months App access to ALL 4 rounds
  • Daily progress tracking, goal setting, gratitude & reflection tasks
  • Weekly check-ins, plus support and guidance from our Team of Accredited Dietitian’s and expert Trainers
  • Support from the MWU community of like-minded women from all over the world
  • Enjoy printable Accountability Charts


What can you achieve in 8 weeks?

Take a look at some of our past Challenge members who share their experience and incredible progress 😍

Rubi’s Journey

Challenge goal: Both

Rubi is a past winner of our Build Challenge, and says: “I’m really proud of myself for completing this Challenge and being consistent with my diet and workouts. Before this challenge, I was suffering from depression.

I started seeing little changes, which was why I kept going, and the meals that I was eating were giving me the energy I had never had before.

Although I might look different physically, the changes I have mentally are by far more significant.”




Sophie’s Journey

Challenge goal: Muscle Gain

Sophie says: “This was my first ever MWU Challenge and I couldn’t have dreamed of better results both physically and mentally after this Challenge. I started lifting weights this past October, but I only got really serious with it when I started the Challenge.

Your team has made the biggest impact on my life, and I owe everyone there the biggest thanks!!”



Cindy’s Journey

Challenge goal: Lose Body Fat

Cindy says: “My Challenge was intense! I decided to push myself as hard as I could instead of doing an easier Program, and I'm so incredibly happy that I did. I am a better mother and student!

My biggest accomplishment from this Challenge was having more energy to play with my daughter. I would take her on walks every weekend to get my steps in, and we went to the pool every weekend."



And these are just a few of the inspiring stories from our MWU Community! You can read more testimonials from past Challenge participants here.

So no matter what your goal may be, this Challenge is here to push you to your limits and unlock your true potential. But that’s not all… You’ve heard how much our community loves BUILD, but how about a prize to get you motivated? 🏆

WIN the Ultimate Prize Pack!

We are giving you the chance to WIN the ultimate prize pack, valued at $5,000, with everything you need to continue to BUILD strength, expand your knowledge, boost confidence and master your mindset.

We will be selecting 1 Challenge winner, to celebrate the most meaningful transformation to occur throughout this 8 week experience. To be in the running simply share the positive changes and updates throughout your journey with the hashtag #BuildChallenge22, or via our client submission form.

Remember, at Move With Us we celebrate progress in all forms!

Our Challenge winner will receive:

  • Access to the next MWU Challenge for you and a Friend  
  • MWE Merch Bundle
  • Happy Way Vanilla & Chocolate Protein Powder
  • $1000 CSB Gift Voucher
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • GHD Hair Straightener
  • Reebok Classics
  • Tefal Ultimate 6 Piece Cookware Set
  • NutriBullet Blender
  • Hatch Smart Alarm Clock
  • Magnetic Acrylic Fridge Calendar
  • Collective Hub Ultimate Mantras Bundle
  • Water Bottle
  • Digital Kitchen Scale
  • Before You Speak 3 month supply of coffee, 1 month supply of Decaf and 2 month supply of creamer.
  • 12 Month Audible Membership
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Grit by Angela Duckworth
  • 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think by Brianna West

You've got to be in it to win it!

What else do I need to know?

We answer the commonly asked questions below:

When can I sign up? ⏰

Sign-ups will officially open on May 17th at 9AM AEST.


When can I access the BUILD Challenge in the MWU App? 📲

You’ll receive access to your Challenge in the MWU App on June 6th, one week prior to the Challenge starting. This allows you time to complete your questionnaire, select your challenge goal, explore the MWU App and begin your Challenge preparations.

Our Build Challenge officially begins on Monday, June 13th. Don’t forget to mark your calendar!

Which goal should I choose? 💪

When you get started in the MWU App, you’ll have the option to select Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, or Both as your goal for this Challenge.

Choose Fat Loss if: Your main goal is to reduce your body fat and get leaner. You’ll be in a moderate calorie deficit, meaning you’ll be burning more energy than you’re consuming.

Choose Both if: You want to achieve steady fat loss while preserving muscle, or maintain a sculpted physique while you transition between Fat Loss and Muscle Gain.

Choose Muscle Gain if: You’re looking to increase your lean muscle mass. You’ll be in a calorie surplus, meaning you’ll be consuming slightly more than you burn, giving you the fuel you need to grow that muscle!

What equipment will I need? 🏋️‍♂️

You’ll find everything you need to transform in the gym, but if you're completing our BUILD Challenge from home, we recommend the following pieces of equipment:

  • A set of dumbbells (ideally two sets, one lighter set for upper body, and a heavier set for lower body)
  • Booty bands
  • Ankle weights
  • Resistance bands
  • A skipping rope
  • An exercise ball
  • A yoga mat
  • A bench or sturdy piece of furniture
  • A trigger ball 
  • A foam roller
  • A broom/stretching stick 

You can shop our staple home and gym equipment on our website.

Want to know more?

Our MWU Team is always here to help keep you accountable, and provide you with all the support and guidance that you need to succeed ❤️

If you have any further questions about this Challenge, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 📧 or click the chat button to talk to our friendly Team today →