Achieve Maximum Results with 30 Min Express Workouts

Achieve Maximum Results with <em>30 Min Express</em> Workouts

We know how difficult it can be to make the time for a workout in between your busy schedule. We're here to spread the good news that you don't need to commit to hour-long workouts to achieve your fitness goals. Shorter workouts can actually be just as effective!

For our Evolve Challenge, we're so excited to bring back 30 Minute Express workouts that will allow you to achieve maximum results within a shorter period of time.

The 30 Min Express workouts have been designed by Coach Rachel Dillon to help you preserve or build muscle, and transform your overall body composition in just 6 weeks.

By completing these express workouts you'll be targeting your full body, with the primary focus on sculpting your lower body and building a strong core.

What type of workouts you can expect?

We've introduced 30 Min Express workouts to ensure you have access to short, effective workouts to fit into even the busiest of schedules and complete anytime.
You'll experience a mix of resistance and circuit-style workouts, designed for high energy expenditure to give you maximum results in a shorter period. Expect a mix of weighted workouts targeting specific muscle groups, and challenging HIIT cardio days to get your heart rate going.

Check out the 30 Min Express 6-Day training split and give one of the sweaty sessions a go.

Core Circuit & Glutes Workout
(Focus: Glutes)
Upper Body Workout
(Focus: Full Upper Body)
Full Body Workout
(Focus: Hamstrings & Back)
HIIT Cardio & Core
Full Body Workout
(Focus: Quads, Shoulders & Core)
Lower Body Workout
(Focus: Glutes & Hamstrings)
Rest & Recovery

30 Min Express Sneak Peek

Get ready to feel the heat with this full-body workout, targeting your quads, hamstrings, and back.

The goal is to complete as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes. As a guide, you should be aiming to complete at least 3 rounds within the 20-minute period.
Move quickly between each exercise, having no longer than 10 seconds rest between exercises.

Set your timer, and let's get moving! 🔥 

What You'll Need:

A standard gym should contain all the equipment you'll need to complete the 30 Min Express workouts. However, if you prefer to train from home, we recommend access to the following equipment:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Set of Dumbbells
  • Cotton Band/Booty Bands
  • Barbell
  • Incline Bench
  • Power Band/Resistance Bands
  • Skipping Rope
  • Kettle Bell
  • Exercise Ball
  • Cable Machine
  • Treadmill
  • Stepper Machine
  • Access to a Squat Rack

Keep in mind that the MWU App also includes exercise swap options to allow you to modify your workouts to suit your training needs.

Places for our Evolve Challenge have now closed as the Challenge commenced on August 8th. However, if you're looking for a similar Program, take a look at our Busy Girl Workouts Program.