Things Rachel Wish She Knew Earlier

Things Rachel Wish She Knew Earlier

There will always be things we wish we knew earlier, in both life and in health and fitness but like anything, training, effective movement and conquering your goals takes time. 

When we first enter a gym we are often overwhelmed by the multitude of things to focus on. Am I breathing correctly? Am I going too fast? Is my form correct? What rep am I on? 

But as time goes on, our knowledge expands, our skills strengthen and eventually these things become second nature. 

We are here to help make that journey a little easier for you by sharing the top 5 things Rachel wishes she knew earlier when it comes to training. 

Tempo Is Key

Focus on each rep! The speed at which you perform your reps helps manipulate the time your muscles spend under tension. A faster tempo usually means using a lighter weight and focusing on endurance, and a slower tempo means you can challenge yourself with a heavier weight and harness that control.

By focusing on your tempo you can increase your training intensity, ensure you are performing each exercise correctly and ultimately get the most out of your session.

TIP: Tempo simply refers to the speed at which you should perform an exercise and we include a recommended tempo for particular exercises in the MWU App. 

Technique Is King

When it comes to exercise - technique really is king! By focusing on technique and performing movements correctly you can ensure that the load is placed on the muscles and joints that are specifically being targeted through the movement. Ultimately this will help you avoid injury and make sure you are receiving the full benefit intended from the exercise. 

For every exercise in the MWU App we provide you with a visual and written tutorial. If you’re unsure how to perform a particular movement, take the time to study the information provided before you go to the gym. You can also record yourself performing an exercise with or without weight so you can visually see how you are performing and make adjustments from there.

Training With Intention

It’s all about quality over quantity - more training is not better, better training is better.

You may be training 6 days a week but when you are training you aren’t focusing all your attention on completing the best possible session. This is where quality over quantity comes into play and you may be better off completing 4 really good workouts rather than 6 half attempted workouts.

Time & Consistency Matters

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. 

Rachel says “I’m here to remind you that you are not what you do sometimes but what you do consistently. Stop stressing over that meal you overindulged in or the workout you missed.

People get health and fitness all wrong because they think it has to rule your life when really it should compliment it. Life is to be enjoyed, so don’t sweat the small stuff.

Find a style of training you love, eat to feel good and show up consistently. I promise you that if you keep chipping away consistently you will be AMAZED at what you can achieve both physically and mentally.”

Recovery Is Not Optional

Recovery is not optional, you need it to progress. We often neglect recovery whilst we try to optimise our training sessions however it is just as important, if not more important, to focus on what you do after a session in order to maximise your results.

Exercise is a stressor so by allowing our bodies the adequate amount of time to adapt and recover post workout, our body can focus on restoring energy, replenishing cells as well rebuilding muscle tissue.

When you give your body the rest it needs, you will be rewarded with ongoing results and be able to sustain consistently high energy levels, so don't neglect or feel guilty about taking rest days - they are important.

Discover tips to help you recover after your sessions here:



Remember, that progress takes time and your  journey is always evolving. Slow down and enjoy it.